Sarah Cone

Founder & Managing Partner


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Sarah Cone is the founder and Managing Partner of Social Impact Capital. Earlier in her career, Sarah was an Associate at Illuminate Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund with top decile performance investing in B2B SaaS. She got her start in venture capital working for the “emerging technologies” venture capital group at Omidyar Network. Sarah has also worked in the legal department of Google, at the technology law firm Fenwick & West,, and at the technology policy non-profit Public Knowledge.

Sarah has a BA in interdisciplinary studies from the Evergreen State College and a JD from UC Berkeley. During law school she was a part of a Technology Policy Working Group with human rights NGOs, Google, Yahoo and other tech companies trying to find solutions for protecting human rights in China. She also volunteered for the C.A.R.C. Asylum Law Clinic helping represent people seeking asylum in the United States. At UC Berkeley, Sarah won the Advocacy Award for persuasive writing, the Jurisprudence Award for academic excellence, and her thesis “Reforming Federal Tax Policy to Support Social Entrepreneurs” received honors.

Founder References

“I often find myself telling people that Sarah Cone has been the single most impactful person in Emitwise’s history to date. Given our experience working with them, and knowing that they work like that with all their startups, frankly, I have no doubt Social Impact Capital will soon be recognized as one of the leading funds in the world. It’s a level of conviction, immediate action, and deep support which is quite rare in this world. One of the few investors I’ve worked with that actually learn what you’re doing, and learn it to the point they could easily be part of the team. That’s why they’re like no other. Mauro Cozzi, Co-Founder and CEO, Emitwise

“Sarah and SIC have been an immense help since day one. In fact, even before they closed their investment in PreAct they started helping us! And having Sarah on my board has brought great insight and direction to the team.” Paul Drysch, Co-Founder and CEO, PreAct

“Sarah was Advano’s very first institutional investor. She believed in my vision and was quick to follow-through on her decision to back me after doing extensive due diligence. Unlike most venture investors, she understands the science fully. The relationship grew, and she was instrumental to us being able to raise follow-on funding, making key introductions and communicating with potential investors. Sarah also introduced us to our first customer. I would highly advise partnering with Sarah – she supports the vision and understands it is about supporting the journey! She is one of our favorite investors!”Alexander Girau, Founder and CEO, Advano

“SIC is easily in the top tier of investors I’ve worked with. They’re incredibly hard-working to source opportunities and connections for their portfolio companies. Sarah is not only incredibly well-connected, but is willing to tap into that network to provide support and back-channels where helpful. When I have really tough problems I’m working on, SIC is always on the shortlist to hit up for ideas or support. Importantly, SIC isn’t overbearing with their ideas and when you have convictions, they’ve got your back.” Alec Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, Endless West

“Sarah was the first VC to spot our potential. We came through Y Combinator and six months later were building what is a large and highly regulated product at the pre-traction phase. It was also time to fundraise. She came to the first meeting well-prepared with extensive knowledge of the market. With our angel round, we were able to get the company to a point where Andreessen Horowitz followed-on in an oversubscribed round and every VC could see the potential of our company.” Joshua Levin, Co-Founder and CSO, OpenInvest