Wild Earth is challenging the status quo with cultured protein that’s safe and sustainable.

Wild Earth is creating the first cultured protein pet food that is cheaper and healthier than existing products.

Wild Earth has developed a novel way to deliver high protein, comparable to other animal derived protein sources, and in many cases even superior. They are creating the next generation of pet food to perfectly match your pets’ nutritional needs, and that is better for all animals, people, and the planet.

Wild Earth’s first cultured protein product is made from human-grade Koji, a fungi already enjoyed by billions of people around the world that is eco-friendly and renewably sourced.

Koji was domesticated by humans around 9000 years ago and is used to ferment some of our favorite foods like soy sauce or miso soup. Using modern technology, they’re now using this ancient food staple to create simple and clean proteins of the highest quality.


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