Trident Desal is using new-generation technology to significantly reduce the cost of water desalination.

The world's first "vaccine for water scarcity."

Over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress, and roughly 4 billion people experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. These numbers will only increase; by 2030, there will be a 40% gap between water demand and water supply.

Trident Desal is a key player in the next shift towards a high-production, far cheaper, and much greener water desalination solution. A California-based stealth water desalination company with extremely exciting IP, Trident uses a next-generation solvent-based technology to reduce the cost of desalinating water by 50% and drastically reduce the CapEx of constructing desalination plants.

The patented technology is the first desalination process capable of generating fresh water without membranes, evaporation, and without producing high volumes of toxic brine.

Trident aims to help create the world’s first low-cost water marketplace and platform, with aspirations of global reach. They are collaborating with desalination plants across the world by providing them with cutting edge technology, together combatting the emerging water crisis.


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