ESG Accountability Blockchain Solution

Topl is a blockchain ecosystem built to prove ethical and sustainable business practices.

The world's first blockchain for certifying ESG claims.

Measuring and transparently proving certification claims are increasingly necessary for business success. If you’ve tried traditional methods of proof, you know it’s difficult to measure and prove your impact. Often, prioritizing social and environmental good is seen as an expense rather than an investment.

Topl fills the gaps damaged by trust and drastically cuts operational costs by simplifying certification processes. Whether you are moving a conflict-free diamond from mine to marriage, or ethical coffee from bean to brew, their technology can validate each step in the process.

By using Topl solution, ethical and sustainable practices can be both proven and transformed into assets. With Topl, you will have the information and resources you need to keep changing the world, knowing you are actually changing it.


Social Impact Capital Fund I


Mercury Fund