Safeguarding nuclear energy

RadiantNano is developing next-generation technology for radiation detection, identification, and imaging.

Radiation detection, identification, and imaging.

RadiantNano has developed a new material, Novskite, that enables rapid mass manufacturing of precisely-tuned, high-accuracy, and high-resolution detectors for radioactive material. This allows for robust, low-cost nuclear safeguards at borders, at nuclear facilities, and even across large rural and urban environments.

Both illicit transport and accidental dispersion of nuclear materials present a large and growing threat to homeland security and domestic nuclear facilities; existing detection technology is insufficient, imprecise, and unscalable.


Tradeoffs in performance, price, and processing capabilities have led to inefficient radiation detections systems deployed in nuclear safeguards applications.

Radiant’s new detectors make the invisible visible — thereby making nuclear energy safer, decreasing risk to radiation workers, and increasing global nuclear security and nonproliferation.


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