Global Wellness

Quell combines the excitement of gaming with real, effective, and affordable exercise.

Quell is gamifying physical health by creating immersive and fun fitness experiences.

Quell is on a mission to make fitness accessible and fun, with ambition to make “fitness gaming” an industry category in and of itself.

There’s a deeply underserved market of people who want to exercise, but aren’t engaged properly to do so. The result? Higher levels of obesity, diabetes, and depression across the world. Quell exists to make exercising extremely fun — almost addictive, but not quite!

Quell combines a Gauntlet wearable which adds resistance to your movements, simulating a boxing experience, coupled with a gaming subscription service, which makes everyday fitness easy, fun, and engaging

30 minutes in Quell burns more calories than running, spinning or circuit training, and you can begin a session in under a minute. Workouts aren’t wasted, with Quell rewarding users for their efforts in their favorite fitness apps.

Users adventure through a rich story, fighting enemies with a massive range of combat styles. With an expansive choice of quests, events, enemies, and rewards, as well as content updates over time, Quell is creating an endless gaming fitness experience.