Internet Access

Outernet will provide free access to web content via geostationary and low earth orbit satellites to all parts of the world.

Software-defined radios for everyone.

Outernet’s filecast is a groundbreaking innovation in broadcasting, marrying radio broadcasting with file delivery, transcending the format and time limitations of traditional radio or TV broadcasting.

Outernet’s filecast differentiates itself from a traditional broadcast by sending information as data files, so content is no longer limited to video and audio. Now, any content format can be sent over a radio signal. Receivers automatically cache these files locally, so users can enjoy flexible, on-demand access to content.


With the global reach of satellite broadcasting, Outernet’s system is paving a new way to distribute, access, and consume content. Outernet delivers 20 MB of content per day, including weather data, news feeds, and offline Wikipedia pages, and users can contribute small files to the broadcast in Outernet’s Filecast center.


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