Fintech for Good

OpenInvest is using technology to mainstream sustainable investing.

The world's first Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) online platform for retail investors.

OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to democratize capital. We’re a breakthrough, long-term investing solution designed to track the performance of the market, while reflecting your values and helping you drive social change.

THE OLD WORLD: Numerous middlemen stood between investors (that’s you) and the companies they owned. These intermediaries blocked transparency and activism while extracting huge fees.


THE NEW WORLD: Much of the Wall Street food chain is replaced by cutting-edge software (born, ironically, in the top hedge funds) which empowers you. Your portfolio 100% reflects your values, while you divest/invest on the fly, join movements, and tell your CEOs what to do. Our systems constantly rebalance to keep your portfolio tracking the general performance of the market.

No. Sacrifices. Required. In fact, OpenInvest lowers fees and can dramatically reduce taxes.

OpenInvest isn’t just ethical investing. It’s simply better investing.


Social Impact Capital Prototype Fund


2016 Partnered for the Pre-seed 2017 Andreessen Horowitz led the Seed 2018 QED led the Series A 2021 Acquisition by JP Morgan