Food Systems

MilkRun is radicalizing the prosperity of local food systems through its online farmer-to-consumer grocery marketplace.

MilkRun makes it possible for 70% of groceries to be purchased directly from local farmers.

Built by farmers, for farmers, MilkRun solves the challenge of buying and selling locally sourced food. In a food ecosystem driven by mass production and big branch retailers, small farms no longer have a viable business model to compete. MilkRun is changing that.

Through their online grocery marketplace for radically local food, MilkRun empowers farmers to easily sell their goods online, and consumers to access the fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and other goods being grown and produced just around the corner. This model allows 70% of the purchase price to go back to farms, versus the 10% average that grocery stores were returning.

As MilkRun also makes it possible for 70% of groceries to be purchased directly from farmers, this stands to return $450B to the local food system. In a world where 90% of all small farms are facing a serious threat of extinction in the next 10 years, MilkRun is building a solution – the result being a thriving, long-lasting local food community.

With its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, MilkRun is perfectly situated in a bustling hub of farmers, butchers, bakers and makers. Through the MilkRun platform, customers order one-time or subscription deliveries, which are fulfilled through micro-distribution hubs and either delivered or prepared for customer pickup. The team is led by Julia Niiro, CEO, who was herself a farmer before launching MilkRun.


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