Biotech for Good

Menten AI is a next-generation synthetic protein company.

Creating new biology with cutting edge computing methods.

Menten AI has created a hybrid molecular design platform that combines synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. 

Menten’s platform has far-reaching opportunities for the design of molecules of industrial interest, including: (1) protein therapeutics; (2) novel antigens for vaccines; (3) reverse drug discovery; (4) proteins for industrial enzymes; and (5) as a generalizable software application for AI-based design with quantum computing co-processing.

Menten AI is pioneering the use of quantum computing as a co-processing function in an AI-controlled design environment. This approach represents a fundamental transition where an ensemble of models can be used to explore a design space at scale and complexity that cannot reasonably be computed on Von Neuman computing architectures.

Working from quantum-calculated designs that fully describe a possible design space, Menten’s AI algorithms can rapidly identify candidates for experimental validation. The platform is a step-function change in increasing the probability that calculated designs accurately represent an intended target product profile for molecules.