Medcorder brings patients, their family and their doctor into a single conversation, enabling an open dialogue for faster care.

Over three-quarters of hospital patients don’t understand their discharge summaries due to complex medical jargon.

Often, during consultations with a physician, patients are presented with key but nuanced information about treatment options related to their diagnosis. A mixture of dense jargon and bad news can make this information difficult to understand and relay to family members, particularly when a condition is developing rapidly.

When time is of the essence, Medcorder’s cloud-based platform enables patients to take full advantage of their valuable consultations with a physician. Its secured chatroom feature creates a continuous correspondence between the patient, their doctor, and the loved ones involved in their care, consolidating test results, scans, and treatment instructions in a single place. For occasions when family can’t be in the room, Medcorder enables patients to record their consultations, automatically transcribe them using AI, and upload them to the cloud. This way, family and caregivers are kept up-to-date on their medical condition in live-time. By promoting clear communication between all parties, Medcorder enables faster and more-informed decision-making when every hour and detail counts.


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