Mattershift makes programmable molecular gateways that can manipulate individual molecules, at scale, and at a low cost.

“What would happen if we could rearrange atoms one by one, the way we want them?” –Richard Feynman

Mattershift is the Intel of “programmable molecular gateways”. The gateways are composed of carbon nanotubes with “functional gates” attached to the openings.  Each gateway can be as small as the width of a single molecule, and controlled by software.  By combining a few simple matter components, gate designers form operations that can be used for matter processing. Many different types of gates are easy to make, so Mattershift’s technology has broad applications.

Mattershift’s molecular gateways can be used to remove salt from water (no-power desalination), remove pollution from air or water (purification), CO2 from hydrocarbons (CO2 to fuel factory). The molecular gateways can be used to isolate specific therapeutic antibodies and enzymes to catalyze very specific reactions (personalized treatment for cancer). They can also be used to separate methane from CO2 (like in a bio digester), fatty acids from complex mixtures (such as EPA from fish oils), and CO2 from air (for carbon negative materials).


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