Workers Rights

LaborVoices is turning worker voices into supply chain intelligence.

Labor Voices protects brands and suppliers against disruptions using crowdsourced worker feedback.

LaborVoices is crowdsourced supply chain intelligence. Gathering intelligence on supply chain employers – created by their workers – entirely via mobile technology. LaborVoices markets intelligence products to Fortune 200 multinational brands and supply-chain managers.

LaborVoices connects directly with workers across supply chains and factories to provide visibility into working conditions inside clients’ factories, and to provide a two-way communication channel that helps companies stand out from competition.

​LaborVoices helps customers avoid damaging PR scandals, meet increasingly stringent international laws, prevent disruptions that impact supply schedules, and hand-pick the best, low-risk suppliers in their portfolios. They also help clients demonstrate compliance to brands, respond to brand concerns quickly, improve employee retention, and share performance benchmarks with customers.


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