Social Justice

HandUp is working to end homelessness in San Francisco, and around the United States.

Give directly the items that people need to help them get off the street and see your impact.

Nonprofit human services organizations partner with HandUp to raise money online for direct client needs, or for organizational needs. The company began with the goal do something positive about the homelessness that’s so visible on the streets of San Francisco. With the support and encouragement of Tumml, Project Homeless Connect, and so many others, HandUp attracted funding from some of Silicon Valley’s most experienced investors to begin the journey of expanding the greater community of giving across the country.

When you donate to an individual member through HandUp, your donation is transferred to the partner organization that helped the member sign up. The member is notified via text message, email notification, or when they visit their case manager, depending on their preferences and access. The member then works with the partner organization’s staff to redeem their donations for specific items or services they need. For example, a case manager might help the member order a pair of winter boots through and have them shipped to the organization’s office. They might also work together to pay phone bills online or to send a check for a housing deposit. HandUp combines direct giving with social support.


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Acquisition October 2017