Emitwise is helping companies easily track and analyze their greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change and slash operating costs.

Accelerating the movement towards carbon neutral for every business globally.

A London-based SaaS carbon accounting platform, Emitwise has created an analytical tool, driven by machine learning, that calculates the carbon footprint of any company in an easy and precise way. emitWise continuously audits the carbon footprint of companies’ operations and supply chains, enabling them to remain compliant, improve their brand recognition, and potentially slash their operating costs by millions via reductions in carbon taxes.

The Emitwise technology is integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning systems and extracts relevant information using machine learning. Using the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the data is converted into CO2 equivalents. The software automatically generates compliance reports, benchmarks against industry averages, and highlights emissions hotspots. The Emitwise dashboard also runs emissions reductions simulations; allowing companies to analyze the impact and outcomes of reduction opportunities.

By 2030, heavy industry businesses stand to lose $1tn to carbon taxes while consumer goods companies stand to gain $1tn in revenues from sustainable shoppers. The Emitwise team is leading the charge on helping global businesses get a handle on their emissions, fast, to capture this opportunity. The team is comprised of entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, seasoned supply chain executives and climate policy experts.

Emitwise works closely with enterprises, NGOs, and the wider business community to solve humanity’s most pressing issue in the 21st century.


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