Dependable Carbon-Neutral and Carbon-Negative creation

Charm Industrial seeks to return the atmosphere to 280 PPM CO₂

Negative Emissions from Green Hydrogen

Charm Industrial converts waste biomass into fast pyrolysis, high carbon bio-oil. Post conversion, Charm injects the newly formed bio-oil deep underground in a patent-pending manner that create negative emissions. The production of green hydrogen as a fuel and industrial chemical is achieved as a result.

Their approach to producing green hydrogen is unique, highly reliable, easily deliverable.

Charm Industrial’s production of biomass does not impact food production or pose any risk of deforestation. Said production also adheres to all of the EPA’s strict requirements concerning the operation of underground injunction wells.

Charm sole mission is to help the planet by removing carbon from its atmosphere while causing no harm to the earth or humans in the process. They continually evaluate their processes for impact and are open to hearing additional concerns.