Andela finds, educates, and pairs top African tech talent with companies that need technical talent.

Genius is evenly distributed but opportunity is not. 

Andela scours Africa, the world’s largest pool of untapped talent, for the top technologists and problem solvers. It will typically have over 50,000 applicants for 20 positions, about a .5% acceptance rate (causing CNN to call it, “the start-up that’s harder to get into than Harvard.”) Those accepted are paid a salary to go through an intense six-month tech training program, in which they are trained in agile development, Ruby on rails, Python, PHP, Javascript, Android, iOS, Java, DevOps, and QA.



After their training program, they are paired with companies in need of top technical talent. Andela provides elite technical training to people that may not be able to afford it, jobs in an area of the world where there aren’t many opportunities, and low-cost but high skilled technical workers to the tech companies that need them.


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