Carbon Capture & Utilization

The future of fine jewelry, designed for humans and the planet. The world’s first carbon-negative and truly sustainable diamonds: alchemized from air and hand-set in Fairmined gold.

The world's 1st carbon-negative diamonds, alchemized from air. 

Atmospheric collectors pull carbon dioxide air pollution straight out of the sky. As the air is drawn in, the CO2 is captured in a special filter. Aether’s first-of-its-kind diamond alchemization process makes a 1 carat diamond for every 20 tonnes of CO2 they remove from the atmosphere.

The captured CO2 is then synthesized into a usable hydrocarbon raw material perfect for growing diamonds. All other lab-grown diamonds use carbon that is sourced from fossil fuels through oil drilling and fracking. Aether is the world’s first diamond to use carbon from a source that isn’t from the earth.

The hydrocarbon raw materials are placed into powerful reactors that create the optimal environment for growing a diamond. The diamonds grow one atom at a time as the carbon perfectly aligns into crystalline form. All the energy used to power diamond growth comes from clean, sustainable sources.

The growing process continues for 3-4 weeks, until complete. The rough diamonds are then sent to the team’s craftspeople to cut, polish, and set them into jewelry by hand.


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