Advanced energy storage that makes a difference.

Combining nanotechnology with fundamental chemical engineering principles to accelerate the renewable energy revolution.

Advano revolutionizes the way nanoparticles are currently made with a 4-in-1 step nanoparticle manufacturing process that is rapid, simple, efficient and highly scalable. The functionalized nanoparticles produced by Advano’s process are high quality and are produced more affordably than current market price.


Advano’s initial product focus is silicon nanoparticles due to their ubiquitous applications in lithium-ion batteries, carbon-capture, electronics, and superhydrophobic coatings. Advano is able to provide an unparalleled and reliable commercial source of high-quality functionalized nanoparticles.

SIC is proud to be Advano’s first VC Partner.


Social Impact Capital Prototype Fund


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