ACTUAL is a curated fintech marketplace attracting capital for green infrastructure projects.

Uniting solar panel, wind turbine and climate-change mitigating projects with traditional and emerging market investors.

ACTUAL curates green infrastructure projects and makes them available to investors on a data-driven platform. The platform transforms traditional project finance and deal creation by offering an alternative marketplace to the traditional municipal bond market. ACTUAL’s financial instruments provide higher returns by affording the investor a portion of the energy cost savings or a portion of revenue generated.

The company uses machine learning to assign an ‘ACTUAL quality score’ to each project on the platform, giving investors a sense of how likely a project will be to succeed. This allows investors to sift through the noise interfering with effectively evaluating project’s in this space.


Based in the Bay Area, ACTUAL provides investors new ways to fund next-generation infrastructure projects that tackle climate change and generate new economic development. The team works closely with the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Design School on a variety of related topics including how to help firms and investors measure social impact, infrastructure impact and commercial impact in tangible ways.


Social Impact Capital Fund I