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3Scan is the future of tissue pathology: large volume, high-throughput imaging combined with full-service data analysis.

3Scan is forging the 3D atlas of the biological world enabling unique insights into physiologic and pathologic processes.

3Scan is turning tissue biology and histopathology into data science, giving researchers the insights they need to break new ground.

A one-stop shop for digital and computational pathology, 3Scan’s KESM produces digital 3D tissue models with micron-scale resolution at 400 times the throughput of traditional microscopes.

3Scan’s data platform enables quantitative image analysis of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s, opening up the potential for new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

Founded by Todd Huffman, Megan Klimen, Matthew Goodman, and Cody Daniel in San Francisco in 2011, 3Scan’s team of engineers, biologists and data-scientists is expanding its work into a suite of digital tools that will allow instant identification and classification of histopathologic features and tissue structures.


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